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When a person compliments you on the presentation be gracious and ask him or her, “What was the best idea or strongest message that you will take away and use?”  You might be surprised at what they ‘heard’ versus what you ‘said’. The fastest way to improve your presentation skills is to review every presentation you deliver. What worked well? What could you change?

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There is one more thing that person can do to get the ideas for speech. While speech can be written by a single alone, if you have your friends with you they can help you brainstorm the ideas. I think one of the steps to create a speech that makes an impact is do discuss with 7 or 8 people before you write it down. What do you say?

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I am very much interested in this topic as I do a lot of speeches in my church. This gives me opportunity to learn more appropriate way to prepare a speech to meet its occasion.

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Know your topic. If you have researched the topic thoroughly you will be certain that you are presenting accurate information and you will be able to answer questions that the audience may ask. These things will greatly increase your confidence.

We find it easier to remember images and feelings. If you want your audience to remember the key points of your presentation attach those points to images or emotions. Men tend to connect visuals with memory while women tend to connect emotions with memory. Be sure to address both needs in your presentations.

The way of your presentation is very funny and actractive. it is really good for a student and person who is doing business. Thanks alot.

In view of this, fewer and fewer people would venture to dismiss the Dalai Lama's philosophy as utopian: on the contrary, one would be increasingly justified in asserting that his gospel of nonviolence is the truly realistic one, with most promise for the future. And this applies not only to Tibet but to each and every conflict. The future hopes of oppressed millions are today linked to the unarmed battalions, for they will win the peace: the justice of their demands, moreover, is now so clear and the normal strength of their struggle so indomitable that they can only temporarily be halted by force of arms.

Choose topics that you are interested in. We do not always get to choose topics that we speak about. If you are able to choose your topic pick one that interests you. It is much easier to spend time researching and preparing a presentation on a topic that you care about than one you have no interest in. You will also be more inclined to display enthusiasm about a topic that you enjoy.

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Act confident and do not profess your anxiety to the audience. Remember that your nervousness is usually invisible to your audience. If you act confident your audience will assume that you are. This can become a positive circular process: the audience gives you the respect of a competent speaker, you receive positive feedback that gives you more confidence in your ability, and the audience gives you more respect. A common mistake that novice speakers make is telling the audience that they are nervous. This does not lessen your anxiety and it tends to make your audience uncomfortable since they want you to succeed. Acting confident is a much more effective strategy.

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