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Twin Groves Middle School
Gives excellent advice on using your own observations to generate a broad idea and then narrow it down to a workable idea. With many links to topics, organized by category.

Science Fair Experiment - Cool Science Projects

Bug Info: Science Fair Project Suggestions

Love bugs? BugInfo describes several projects and explains how to conduct them.

Hundreds of Science Fair Projects For Students

Energy Quest Science Fair Projects

Ideas from the California Energy Commission on all kinds of energy topics: Chemical/Stored, Electrical, Geothermal, Hydrological (Water), Nuclear, Solar, and Wind Energy. Also ideas on Saving Energy and Transportation.


The Science Club: Kid's Science Projects

Interesting simple, medium, and advanced projects and fun toys that you can build and that demonstrate physical and electronic properties.

PNM: Science Fair

If you&rsquo re interested in energy, here are some questions that can easily be turned into a research project.

Study the behavior of your family pet, research insects on your property or answer any one of our many questions relating to animals.

Here are websites that can get you started in the right direction. Some of them present full projects, while others offer ideas for a research question. Remember, your judges usually give higher scores for the most original projects, so repeating someone else&rsquo s work probably isn&rsquo t the way to win awards.

Planet Ag

You&rsquo ll be amazed at how many different categories of science are related to agriculture!

The symbols after each website name indicate the types of projects or ideas that you can find there. Remember to choose a topic that interests you and have fun with your project!

Get help with your next chemistry science fair project by checking out our great ideas that cover everything from forensics to crystals.

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