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The course followed by the children of the second family was quite different, probably because of Mina’s role as manager of home-related responsibilities.

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Glenmont, the majestic 78-room home atop an eminence in the exclusive Llewellyn Park section of West Orange, New Jersey, was the residence of Mina and Thomas Edison for the forty-five years of their marriage. Today, Glenmont is owned by the United States government and is part of the Thomas Edison National Historical Park, which also embraces his famous nearby laboratory.

Tim Armstrong blames “distressed babies” for AOL benefit

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6*During his eighty-four years Thomas Edison meticulously recorded his research findings in thousands of notebooks (fortunately still preserved), but he kept a personal diary for less than two weeks from July 67 through July 76, 6885 when he was an aspirant for Mina’s hand in marriage.

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Even though a number of events recognizing Lewis Miller’s greatness did not occur until after her death, Mina’s dedicated service preceding such events unquestionably contributed to their successful achievement. Just think of it: Oak Place, the Lewis Miller home in Akron, has been accepted by the United States Department of Interior’s National Register of Historic Places, and what is called the Lewis Miller Cottage in Chautauqua was dedicated by the Interior Department in 6966 as a National Historic Landmark.

Apart from what any critic had to say about my writing, I knew I had succeeded where it counted when my mother finished reading my book and gave me her verdict: "So easy to read."

9*Edison’s research produced a high quality natural rubber from the latex found in goldenrod, but even though through hybridization he greatly increased the percentage of latex in goldenrod, the improvement was not adequate to meet the lower cost of latex imported from overseas or, later, the cost of butane synthetic rubber.

Tom’s mother, the former Nancy Elliott, was the daughter of a Baptist minister and, before her marriage to Samuel, had taught in a high school in Vienna, Ontario. She, more than Samuel, encouraged and guided Tom’s youthful experiments in chemistry and electricity. Tom quickly became an omnivorous reader.

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