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Hi evelyn, as you know english paper 7 is tomorrow ! I 8767 m just wondering about the comparative do the points below you gave us all make up one paragraph? or can they be cut into little sections under 6 heading (. poverty) Thanks 🙂

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Personally I think 5 7 pages is enough for the 75 mark answer but that 8767 s just me. Quality over quantity. And it depends how big or small your writing is if you 8767 ve got very big writing (only 8 words per line) then you may need to write 7. If your writing is small 5 might be enough. Then if you think it through logically, you might write 8 pages for the 85 mark part and 9 for the 95 mark part. Or at the very minimum, 7 for 85 marks and 8 for 95 marks if your writing is very small. Hope that makes sense.

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Just an update on this one I was at an inservice recently and quite a few teachers said they do expect quotes in comparative answers. Perhaps one per section per text. That 8767 s about 9 quotes for each text, which is 67 in total in your answer. This is NOT specified in the marking scheme but as I said above a few well chosen quotes (even two per text, or six in the entire essay) can make the difference between a C / D and an A or B.

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ok 7 more review papers, 6 more film to cover, and a research paper then i'm done! websites to get research papers ny thematic essay outline pdf quiz letter to my best friend essay lyrics

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    Ooh, also, this example compares TWO texts. For honours English you generally have to compare THREE! So this example is fine but you 8767 d then need to continue with a short paragraph which links your third text to what you said about the first two, again pointing out similarities and differences. HTH, Evelyn

    Choose key moments that work well together. You can know in advance more or less what comparisons you want to make between texts. Make sure there is depth in your comparisons don 8767 t just state obvious similarities, look at both subtle and obvious differences as well. Once you have strong comparisons, you 8767 re half way there. The other half involves using what you know to respond to the questions asked. This is the bit you have to improvise on the day. However, as I said already, you should know more or less how you 8767 ll link the texts and what comparisons you want to make. Hope that helps.

    Would it possible to restrict a cultural context question to one particular comparison? For example, say I wanted to talk about social status, like you have above. Would it be possible to form the essay like this:

    “ Many examiners reported genuine engagement with the terms of the questions, combined with a fluid comparative approach. As in previous years, examiners also noted that a significant minority of candidates were hampered by a rigid and formulaic approach 8775 .

    It 8767 s important to know what points you want to make about that theme, what moments it is most evident in and what comparisons (similarities and differences) you want to make across texts your links are actually the most important aspect of comparative.

    For cultural context you must decide which of the following issues are most prominent in all three texts try to find links before you decide. At all times focus on answering the Q asked

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