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Space, Figure, and Ground Lesson by Petteri Sulonen - The objective of this lesson is to introduce three fundamental elements in compositional thinking.

Composition and the Elements of Visual Design

Darren, I love your posts as usual. You've always done a great job thoroughly explaining things in an informative way. On the other hand, I think you missed some important elements of composition: backdrop, viewpoints, filling the frame, or even keeping it simple for instance. I did a blog post on this matter a few weeks ago: http:///hBOnyi But I also feel that people need to know that sticking to your instincts may be the best rule, because not all the time do these ideas apply.

The Riggs Catalog!

Note: Most camera moves are a combination of these basic moves. For example, when you're in, unless your subject is in the exact centre of frame, you'll have to pan and/or tilt at the same time to end up where you want to be.

Camera Tutorial 1-5 : Framing - Media College - Video

Use photographs as references for your drawings and paintings? You do not have to be a professional photographer to take good photographs!

Are you struggling in drawing? Give this tool a try. Read why my students and I like it here .

Recommended Source On Mastering Composition In All Subject Matters

The photo of the pathway follows the rules of the golden triangle very closely with the boardwalk dividing the image into two triangles and the smaller triangles containing distinct areas of the photograph. The vanishing point of the boardwalk is right at one of the power points of the golden spiral and the s-curve of the boardwalk snakes it way through the photo connecting the three main triangles.

Photographic composition is just like interior design. Each places elements in a space: the designer arranges your room, while you have to design the elements in your frame.

Mix and match these elements to create a dynamic composition for your own paintings, and as you study other people's paintings, look for these same elements to see what works and what does not work in their composition.

If you shoot and don't really know why, your photos probably fall into this class. As Galen Rowell observed, careless shooters will usually come up with an OK shot every so often by pure luck, but the only way to create consistently good work is to pay attention.

Professional shot composition requires perfect framing of each shot. This requires the inclusion of elements that give perspective to the main focus of the photograph. By being aware of the various components when composing a shot, the photographer can produce high-quality shots that include all the important elements while excluding extraneous material. Photography is the art / of including some things while omitting others this is the main object of framing. By choosing the elements to include, photographers engage in editing before the shot by cropping the photograph after processing, the editing process continues afterward as well. Not only can you frame with your lense, you can also use objects in nature to frame.

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