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6. Create a table of contents for your projected portfolio
7. List the tasks that will be required to complete your portfolio
8. List any lost or missing content that would ideally be in your portfolio, and any plans to recover or reproduce that content
9. List any help you need or questions you have about the portfolio assignment

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Regardless of the method you use to evaluate student portfolios, it is important to share your assessment criteria with students early and often. Sample portfolios that illustrate successful (and perhaps unsuccessful) finished products can also help students understand what is expected of them and what constitutes quality work.

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The following are examples of criteria that could be used to evaluate portfolios. The specific criteria you use will depend largely on the purpose of the portfolio assignment.

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Optional: Promise to perform: For the avoidance of doubt, an assignee 8767 s acceptance of an assignment of this Agreement constitutes the assignee 8767 s promise to perform the assigning party 8767 s duties under the Agreement. That promise is enforceable by either the assigning party or by the non-assigning party.

The list below describes different types of portfolios and their purposes. Any of these portfolios can be used for assessment purposes by overlaying performance criteria and evaluating work in relation to these criteria.

A progress portfolio is used to demonstrate the development of knowledge and skills over time. The artifacts in the portfolio represent a range of experiences or instances and are typically organized to show improvement in performance.

Be sure to design a portfolio assignment that will draw out evidence of student learning related to your course objectives. Let students know early on if they should collect certain artifacts/kinds of artifacts to illustrate their knowledge and skills. As you plan your course, think about designing class activities and/or assignments so that students will create or collect essential artifacts and develop the skills they need to create a strong, persuasive portfolio.

The Professional Work Samples section demonstrates your performance and mastery of Argosy University 8767 s program outcomes/competencies for the Psychology major. Select 8-5 documents to serve as samples of your best work in the program. Together, they should illustrate your mastery of all the 7 program outcomes listed below. Examples of the type of work that would illustrate each outcome is provided below, as well. The 8-5 documents should be samples of your work that you completed in previous courses as an undergraduate student.

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