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"You need to be really relaxed and many divers practise meditation or the yoga traditions, and part of that is about emptying your mind so you are not thinking about things."

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If a dispute arises concerning the grounds of the referral, or if no agreement can be reached, the panel must inform the court. The court is then required to hold a hearing within seven days.

Plan for National Aboriginal Day

The CCJS also compiled statistics on the most serious crimes committed by these youth. About 75% had been charged with crimes against the person, usually assault. More than half had committed property crimes.

Bill's Aboriginal Links: Canada and US

offenders should be left in their home communities, except in the most extreme situations. Efforts should be directed to determining the reason for their unacceptable conduct, and at helping the youth and the parents to deal with the reason for the offence and to avoid any repetition of it. The main objective should be to restore harmony in the community.

I got home and my daughter said that the RCMP had arrived at the house and picked up my boy. I then proceeded to phone the RCMP town detachment. I enquired as to what the charge was. There was no charge, as yet.

Aboriginal youth are not now receiving culturally relevant programs or training and assistance. MYC is making efforts in this direction but the atmosphere of the institution makes any chance of success unlikely.

699 Long distances may make provisions for parental involvement and supervision meaningless. Parents may not even know where their child is and there may be no one available to discuss the case with them.

An important part of the Scottish system of dealing with youth is the role of the police and, in particular, the way they deal with people who have committed offences that are not considered serious enough to warrant charges being laid. The police may require the youth and the parents to report to the police station to receive a warning. The Kilbrandon committee reported that about 95% of juveniles dealt with by the police in this way do not come into police hands again.

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699 people have the same rights as adults to due process of law and fair and equal treatment, including all the rights stated in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and in the 6965 Bill of Rights . To protect their rights and freedoms, and in view of their particular needs and circumstances, people should have special rights and guarantees. 66

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