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To win a battle, the player must eliminate all enemies on the opposite side, either by defeating them or by making them run away. An enemy counts as defeated if their Heart Points (HP) are dropped to zero. Likewise, if Mario's HP drop to zero without a Life Shroom in his inventory, the battle is lost. The player can keep track of Mario's HP and various other stats with the battle statistic on the top side of the screen.

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Meanwhile, the heroes uses their two new Pixls to unlock the next door to the next world, Sammer's Kingdom , and are informed by Nolrem that the Void will destroy all soon.

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When asked by Nintendo Power if the next Paper Mario would return to the series' RPG roots, Kawade claimed to be uncertain if they would continue on Super Paper Mario 's concept, return to the gameplay style of the previous games, or be a completely different type of game, but he concluded that "we want a challenge and to take on new things". Producer Kensuke Tanabe similarly stated that he would "look for a new and different style" 96 7 98 .


After wrapping up development of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door , director Ryota Kawade wanted to make "other type of games" using the Paper Mario series 96 7 98 . Kawade brainstormed many ideas for a new Paper Mario game that would retain the series' humor, puzzles and leveling system while featuring a new twist, eventually settling on the concept of switching between 7D and 8D (an idea which came to him during a train ride, where Kawade was thinking about the Bowser platforming segments in The Thousand Year Door while looking at the other end of the train 96 7 98 ). The idea was presented to Nintendo , which suggested that an action-adventure game would best demonstrate the concept 96 7 98 .

Her house also contains the counterpart to the mysterious treasure chest in Peach's castle. Any items that Princess Peach puts into the chest on her end can be retrieved by Mario here.

After returning to Toad Town, Mario finds a cowardly Toad guard who claims he saw a ghost vanish into Forever Forest. Mario investigates and meets Bootler , a servant of Lady Bow who requests Mario's presence in her mansion in the heart of the forest.

Mario follows the invitation through the maze-like forest and finds the mansion he was referred to. After overcoming the challenges inside, Mario meets Lady Bow. He is told about Tubba Blubba, the threat he poses, and the secret that may be related to his weakness. Bow then uses the Star Spirit Skolar the Boos found and captured as leverage to get Mario to defeat Tubba Blubba. She also joins Mario because she is tired of seeing her fellow Boos suffering, and because Mario will need her to get to Tubba Blubba's Castle.

After Mario receives the Lucky Star at the foot of Shooting Star Summit, the player is able to use action commands in battle. From then on, whenever Mario or his partner execute an attack, a prompt shows up and input from the player is required. If the action command is successful, attacks will do bonus damage or have other additional effects.

The Post Office is a building located in central Toad Town, across the street from Merlon's house. Over the course of the game, letters addressed at Mario's partners arrive there, written by different characters Mario met on his journey. The player can visit the post office at any time and talk to the postal worker in charge to view the letters. There is no benefit to reading the letters, but the service is free and reveals what became of the sender after their encounter with Mario.

The story opens with Mario and Luigi being informed by Toad about Princess Peach's latest kidnapping. Believing Bowser to be the culprit once again, the brothers immediately head off to his castle , only to find him preparing to attack. A villain named Count Bleck then appears with his assistant, Nastasia and Princess Peach, who is his prisoner. He announces his plans to use Peach "to destroy all worlds" , renders Mario unconscious with his dark powers, and kidnaps Bowser as well, with Luigi and the Koopa Troop being sucked away too.

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