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Personal Interactive Webcast
We offer personal webcasts to take you and/or your family through The Four Steps To Emotional Healing. You will not have to leave your home for this personal and individualized healing journey. Call us today at 575-578-5655 to find out how we can lead you to victory and restoration.

Are you getting gouged at Value Village? - Squawkfox

"I was truly touched by this book. I have never seen anything quite like it a father-son travelogue and memoir celebrating God's gift of life!" - Dr. Phil Ryken, President, Wheaton College

All new volunteers are required to fill out and mail the 7567 Volunteer Application. All questions must be answered and the form signed, before you can join us for an event.

"What a beautiful book! Your book about father and son bonding makes the point as well as any I've seen. You pulled out all the stops to produce and incredible piece of work. It is emotional and powerful." - Paul Heidebrecht, Christian Leader and Author

"I have several books of photos depicting the glories of Italy, but none comes close to measuring up to yours. You did a magnificent job!

This deluxe hardback coffee table book is a value at just $ and all proceeds go to ministry to troubled youth. This book makes a great gift, also.

After I got my chance to read, it was clear from the beginning that this was not just a journey through the streets of Italy, it was a father's journey through the heart of his son. As Don shares the history of his ancestors, you feel as though you are there with he and Luke as they explore both the famous and the obscure places of ancient Italy. This includes churches, paintings, sculptures and the tender father and son exchange that go with it. The breathtaking photographs are spellbinding with such color radiance and clarity that one becomes entranced.

As I paged through Don's book, I heard the whispers of Malachi's last words in the Old Testament, "And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children." (Malachi 9:6a) and I know Don heard it too. " - Dominic Herbst, Clinical Psychologist

You owe it to yourself, your spouse, and children to seek true healing of the emotional baggage we carry. "I wish every juvenile facility in America used these effective materials. Crime would drop. Families would be healed and we could begin closing juvenile prisons!", says Youth Direct President, Don Smarto.

Youth Direct receives many requests for counseling. For those in the Dallas area we recommend the Clinical Counseling Center located at the Collin Creek Church in Plano. Call for an appointment at 769 765 7867 or check

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