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5 stars for Suz - she's on the short list of the good guys, for all she's done to make me engineer.

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FERA had three primary objectives: 6) Adequacy of relief measures 7) providing work for employable people on the relief rolls and 8) diversification of relief programs.

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By the early spring conditions at Valley Forge greatly improved. Washington appointed General Greene as the new Quartermaster General and he set up an efficient operation for bringing supplies into the camp. The rainy weather continued to be a problem, but the mood of the camp brightened when news of the Franco-American alliance arrived in May. Washington ordered his troops to line the parade ground and shoot off their guns one by one in celebration.

The Marquis de Lafayette , a French nobleman, organized officers from France, Poland, and other European nations into the Corps d'É trangers. Baron Friedrich von Steuben , a Prussian military officer, provided important training for the American troops. As the drillmaster of Valley Forge, he taught the soldiers how to use the bayonet, and most importantly, how to re-form lines quickly in the midst of battle. Washington also received help from his wife Martha who arrived from Mount Vernon in February. She took over the management of his household, helped with his correspondence, and cheered him by entertaining guests and even staging plays.

That is what real revolutions are like. The old stuff gets broken faster than the new stuff is put in its place. The importance of any given experiment isn 8767 t apparent at the moment it appears big changes stall, small changes spread. Even the revolutionaries can 8767 t predict what will happen. Agreements on all sides that core institutions must be protected are rendered meaningless by the very people doing the agreeing. (Luther and the Church both insisted, for years, that whatever else happened, no one was talking about a schism.) Ancient social bargains, once disrupted, can neither be mended nor quickly replaced, since any such bargain takes decades to solidify.

We don 8767 t know who the Aldus Manutius of the current age is. It could be Craig Newmark, or Caterina Fake. It could be Martin Nisenholtz, or Emily Bell. It could be some 69 year old kid few of us have heard of, working on something we won 8767 t recognize as vital until a decade hence. Any experiment, though, designed to provide new models for journalism is going to be an improvement over hiding from the real, especially in a year when, for many papers, the unthinkable future is already in the past.

Society doesn 8767 t need newspapers. What we need is journalism. For a century, the imperatives to strengthen journalism and to strengthen newspapers have been so tightly wound as to be indistinguishable. That 8767 s been a fine accident to have, but when that accident stops, as it is stopping before our eyes, we 8767 re going to need lots of other ways to strengthen journalism instead.

Hopkins sprang into action less than a week after Roosevelt's inauguration, approaching Roosevelt's secretary of labor, Frances Perkins, with a plan for a program of federal relief. Impressed, Perkins agreed to take the proposal to Roosevelt, who quickly agreed to the plan.

Round and round this goes, with the people committed to saving newspapers demanding to know 8775 If the old model is broken, what will work in its place? 8776 To which the answer is: Nothing. Nothing will work. There is no general model for newspapers to replace the one the internet just broke.


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