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Civitan International is an organization of volunteer service clubs around the world, dedicated to helping people in their own communities. Civitans help wherever the need arises – from collecting food for a homeless shelter, to volunteering at their local retirement home, to building.

Chronicling the suicide of Western civilization – Catholic

Ndahimana: &ldquo The day I thought of asking pardon, I felt unburdened and relieved. I had lost my humanity because of the crime I committed, but now I am like any human being.&rdquo

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Habyarimana: &ldquo When I was still in jail, President Kagame stated that the prisoners who would plead guilty and ask pardon would be released. I was among the first ones to do this. Once I was outside, it was also necessary to ask pardon to the victim. Mother Mukabutera Caesarea could not have known I was involved in the killings of her children, but I told her what happened. When she granted me pardon, all the things in my heart that had made her look at me like a wicked man faded away.&rdquo


After fifteen years of teaching at Columbia, Professor Susan Crane is retiring this Fall, leaving behind an exceptionally close group of colleagues in her field and a generation of new scholars in medieval studies inspired by her work and teaching.

In Paris, the heart of the former empire that Fanon opposed so vigorously in his short life, his philosophy of humanist liberation and his commitment to the moral relevance of all people everywhere have been taken up by his daughter Mireille Fanon.  She heads the Fondation Frantz Fanon and follows in her father’s footsteps with her work on questions of international law and human rights, supporting the rights of migrants, and championing struggles against the impunity of the powerful and all forms of racism.

Mukamusoni: &ldquo He killed my child, then he came to ask me pardon. I immediately granted it to him because he did not do it by himself — he was haunted by the devil. I was pleased by the way he testified to the crime instead of keeping it in hiding, because it hurts if someone keeps hiding a crime he committed against you. Before, when I had not yet granted him pardon, he could not come close to me. I treated him like my enemy. But now, I would rather treat him like my own child.&rdquo

Nzabamwita: &ldquo I damaged and looted her property. I spent nine and a half years in jail. I had been educated to know good from evil before being released. And when I came home, I thought it would be good to approach the person to whom I did evil deeds and ask for her forgiveness. I told her that I would stand by her, with all the means at my disposal. My own father was involved in killing her children. When I learned that my parent had behaved wickedly, for that I profoundly begged her pardon, too.&rdquo

Dudley Clendinen is a former national correspondent and editorial writer for The Times, and author of 8775 A Place Called Canterbury. 8776

Munganyinka: &ldquo After I was chased from my village and Dominique and others looted it, I became homeless and insane. Later, when he asked my pardon, I said: 8766 I have nothing to feed my children. Are you going to help raise my children? Are you going to build a house for them? 8767 The next week, Dominique came with some survivors and former prisoners who perpetrated genocide. There were more than 55 of them, and they built my family a house. Ever since then, I have started to feel better. I was like a dry stick now I feel peaceful in my heart, and I share this peace with my neighbors.&rdquo

Essays—what we call “Field Notes” at Intima —as well as Non-Fiction, Academic, Studio Art and Fiction populate this issue. Detroit obstetrician Andrea Eisenberg, for example, takes us along for a chilly, crack-of-dawn drive in “75 Minutes” where she transitions from “my life to my patients', from my needs to theirs.” Writer Sean Murphy sent us two points of view on being the healthy companion to others who are ill: a story entitled, “Waiting” that describes the well-known feelings we've all had waiting for a loved one to get to the recovery room, and a non-fiction essay, “ Machinery ,” exploring his very physical reaction to his mother’s diagnosis.


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