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My teddy bear and I can play
Till darkness overtakes the day
When bedtime comes I know I'll see
A baby's crib awaiting me

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It is this open attitude both around the office and in myself that has permitted the sharing of many otherwise secrets by clients and colleagues. Clients and friends share with me things they have never shared with others. It is accepted by my closest colleagues and clients that there is no such thing as "unusual" - or rather "usual". Each of us is a complex of associated behaviors and meanings, some with arousal and some with sexual turn off. No one individual is like another. (pages 85-86)

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A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) mostly contain theoretical content, for example video-lectures and are very much one-way systems: there is no or limited interaction with the user. The unique strength of our solution lies in the interactive elements, like exercises with tailored feedback, adaptivity, peer-to-peer learning, and digital tests. These are features a traditional MOOC will never offer.

The New Methodology - Martin Fowler

However letting go of predictability doesn't mean you have to revert to uncontrollable chaos. Instead you need a process that can give you control over an unpredictability. That's what adaptivity is all about.

So what are useful lenses that bring varying aspects of conflict complexity into focus and at the same time create a picture of the whole? This essay will suggest three.

Yes, it does! For every chapter in our SOWISO courses there are formative, summative, and diagnostics tests. All chapters also contain a large number of random practice exercises, which can be made over and over again. Moreover, educators can choose to design their own tests with our easy-to-use authoring environment.

The following story is told by Thomas O. Sargent. His name and story are used by permission. What makes this story so interesting is that he is a therapist, with a rubber fetish, but let him tell his own story.

. I have wanted to travel in diapers and plastic pants for a long time, but the fear of metal detectors picking up diaper pins at the airports, etc, have sort of discouraged me. Also, disposable diapers make such a rustling sound. It's great at home, but bad when out in public.

lovemap inclusion - an extraneous element that becomes developmentally incorporated into a lovemap, changing it from a normophilic into a paraphilic of the inclusion type.

Using the telephone book, I called five people, but they would not cooperate when I told them what I desired. They though it such a strange request, and didn't want to get involved. I finally find one who thought, all thought, it was a strange request, he would try to assist me.

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