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First note that the present study does not constitute a rigorous experimental protocol demonstrating morphological differences under controlled conditions. The gold standard for demonstrating differences in facial shapes would be doing the morphometrics under laboratory conditions here we are at least two steps away, using machine learning to infer average facial structures based upon self-selected photographs on a dating site. Any number of factors other than innate differences in facial structure could be involved, ranging from grooming to photo choice to lighting to the angle of the photograph (angle-correcting algorithm notwithstanding).

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This is your advice on what can be done to eliminate, solve, or at least minimize a problem in the case. There should be recommendations for each problem that you have found out. They can be shaped in the form of plain text or put in a table. They must be detailed and include not only the solution but also a plan of actions that need to be done to achieve positive results. Each solution should answer the following questions:

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Again an imaginary experiment can provide perspective. Suppose that we were to hypothesize that born-again Christians are perfused with the light of the Holy Spirit. Humans have a hard time detecting this, we might conjecture, but machine vision may be able to discern these differences that lie below human perceptual thresholds. To test this hypothesis, we train a deep neural net to predict whether individuals are born-again Christians or not, based upon Facebook photographs. Imagine we find that not only is the neural net able to predict whether people are Christian far better than chance, but also that the algorithm picks up differences in facial illumination between born-again Christians and others.

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So what is left to criticize? The authors' conclusions and interpretation of their results. First, the authors infer that the computer is picking up on features that humans are unable to detect. Second, the authors suggest that these features are the results of prenatal hormone exposure. Neither inference is warranted. We discuss these in turn.

Comparative case studies have become more popular [ when? ] in social science, policy, and education research. One approach encourages researchers to compare horizontally, vertically, and temporally. [75]

Looking at case study samples is a good way to familiarize yourself with cases so that you can be comfortable working with them. Some business schools and organizations sell case studies online for a fee. For example, Harvard Business Review sells millions of case studies each year. But buying every business case study you want to look at isn t always practical for every budget, so in this article, we re going to review some of the places online where you can find free case study samples. The case studies on these sites are specifically geared toward business majors. 

Under the more generalized category of case study exist several subdivisions, each of which is custom selected for use depending upon the goals of the investigator. These types of case study include the following:

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