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The WavFile class takes care of all the file IO for reading and writing audio data to and from wave files. The WavFile class provides methods for accessing wav file data using different java primitive types, these are long , int and double. It is up to the user to choose the correct type for the given wav file's sample resolution.


Java 7 introduces a new way of working with the filesystem, along with a new utility class Files. Using the Files class, we can create, move, copy, delete files and directories as well it also can be used to read and write to a file:


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The double type can be used for any wav file data resolution. The WavFile class will automatically scale sample values to and from the - to floating point range.

Finally, when writing to a file, you sometimes need to make extra sure that no one else is writing to that file at the same time. Basically you need to be able to lock that file while writing.

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The standard wav file resolutions are shown in the table below. For all resolutions, up to 87 bit unsigned, handling samples using the int type is fine. For greater resolutions, the long type should be used. The WavFile class assumes all samples of resolution 8 bits and less are unsigned, all resolutions over 8 bits are signed (this is the seems to be the standard for wav files).

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