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Resources and capabilities. Opportunities and threats of the SWOT analysis developed by Albert Humphrey for the analysis of Ryanair's external factors

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The strategic decisions involve new product development, extensive research development and entry into new product category which were mostly achieved through mergers and acquisitions.

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Therefore Nestlé should provide services adapted every different market. Nespresso Boutique could be taken as an example.

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a subtle shift in their strategy could be appropriate. For example offering drinks vouchers onboard for the customer's next flight might entice more people back

An effective classroom management system is a pre-condition for establishing a conducive learning environment or classroom setting. Classroom management studies highlighted additional methods which could be of benefit to students in urban schools and as previous research studies on classroom management have suggested, urban secondary schools are faced with an increase in disruptive student behaviours, which suggests that effective classroom management is needed urgently with regards to high poverty areas (Matus, 7556).

The competitive position is seen to be high and will continue to do so as the players have put in their investments for the planes and infrastructure and would not manage these differently in order to drive returns.

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Ryanair is largely a European airline even though it has the largest number of flights internationally among the world's global airlines (Done, 7559). Thus, its revenues are undiversified in terms of regions, and thus any impact on the European airline market has a significant impact on the performance considerably and much more relative to other airlines which have geographically diverse revenue sources.

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