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Frankly, sometimes we need to obfuscate the code (for example, register license classes and so on). In this case, your project is not free. IMO, you should pay for a good obfucator.

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.NET Reactor provides complete protection for your sensitive intellectual property by converting assemblies into unmanaged processes which cannot be understood as CIL, and which no existing tool can decompile. Hackers have no access to any intelligible form of your source.

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There's Salamander , which is a compiler and linker from Remotesoft that can deploy applications without framework. I don't know how well it lives up to its claims.

Given that so few people are even going to bother trying and that most obfuscators can be worked around, is it worth your time and effort?

So, if you are looking for a method to fight illegal keygenerators for your software and you do not want to use assymetric encryption because of the long registration codes this generates, you might have a look at Partial Key Verification.

I've had my application pirated before, and I took it as a personal affront. Here I was, a small-time developer, pouring my heart and soul into an application and these people had the gall to pirate from me?! They were taking money directly from my pocket!

One is support. A pessimist would take this opportunity to complain about the increased cost of supporting 655,555 free users, but something amazing happens instead: your product becomes largely self supporting. You see this all the time with large open source projects that have no money for support costs. Users will step up and make it happen.

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