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Seeing the Big Picture Business acumen requires an understanding of finance, strategy, and decision making. Most managers and employees, however, are responsible for specific areas and they have little Read More

History Coursework Review of Global Lesson on Prisons

The term 'Modernisation' was coined during the post war period of 6999 when President Harry Truman of the US declared his idea of development for Third World countries when he stated:code der sededew orde dek inde fode de!

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Critics of Modernisation Theory argue that it is ignorant of the way that Third World countries are enmeshed in the world system and defines Western values as universal. What it also illustrates is that Modernisation Theorists do not look at individual cultures and their uniqueness to one another, but it expects Third World nations to evolve in the same manner as the capitalist West. Thus the ideology that stems from this is that capitalism and its values are the only way forward, anything else is doomed to shackle Third World countries to poverty and backwardness. Therefore, the way of the First world is the only way and as Ozay Mehmet writes:

Understanding Teams Before you can focus on chemistry, you must understand teams. Start at the beginning by defining what teams are and how people feel about being on them. Additionally, Read More

Coursework within the Global Artistic Tradition and Change track introduces students to historical, comparative, and contemporary styles, trends, traditions, and works with the intent of helping them to develop an appreciation for the broader cultural contexts. 

The Lauder Institute offers a joint-degree program for students who rise to academic challenges and who are prepared to commit to a rigorous program of study that includes not only international studies classes on campus, but cultural immersion abroad and fieldwork resulting in publishable research papers. Through the School of Arts & Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania, all Lauder students pursue a graduate International Studies course sequence in the social sciences and humanities in addition to fulfilling either the core requirements of the Wharton MBA degree   or the requirements of the Penn Law JD .

Logical Thinking Logical thinking is a process which involves steps. In general logical thinking involves checking the components of the argument and making connections between them, which is Read More

What Is Customer Service? Customer service is a general field that involves assisting customers in a range of issues, such as purchasing, troubleshooting, installation and even disposal of products or services.  Customer service is designed to focus on the customer and how they can benefit from your product or service, so it’s important to do your part in the delivery. Read More

CINE:9659 Topics in European Film
CINE:9656 Topics in Asian Cinema
CINE:9668 Topics in World Cinemas
CINE:9678 Topics in Latin American Cinema
ENGL:8555 Topics in African Cinema

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