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We've partnered with the One Tree Planted foundation to help aid the growth of global reforestation by planting trees in North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

Oomph - Portable Coffee Maker. Perfected.

Crafted by some of the world's finest bookmakers, our notebooks are thread bound and lie completely flat. Pens glide across our pages because there is no grain direction, and ink never bleeds through. The result is a truly pleasurable writing experience.

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Gourmet Coffee isn't hard to find - any flavour that has a unique taste and qualities because of it's origin can be considered gourmet. What really sets a coffee as gourmet is the freshness and how well it's roasted - high quality gourmet coffee is enjoyed within days of roasting, and ideally ground on the same day it is consumed. If you're looking for a specific coffee syrup flavor then you can add a flavored syrup to your coffee.

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Most grocery stores don 8767 t sell Senseo pods any longer. Few Senseo pod options are now available at Walmart, but only at select stores.

Our single wall coffee cups offer great value and flexibility with regards to serving hot or cold drinks. White disposable coffee cups are a great option where ink stamping logos onto the cup exterior is desired as the matt texture allows for excellent adhesion and drying of the ink.

PS. Please remember, you don 8767 t have to buy expensive coffee beans /filters or anything. Just make sure that the coffee is fresh, that 8767 s not over roasted and see will the paper filters give the better result ( I think they will). I hope this helps. Good luck and let me know if you need anything else.

Sauces are thicker than syrups, and the Torani Pumpkin Pie Sauce works best as a topping drizzled on pies, pancakes, ice cream and desserts.

Brighter than regular paper, velvety to the touch, waterproof, and tear resistant. This innovation, along with its waterproof covers, makes it the first ‘all stone paper’ notebook.

Our pages as well as the cover are 655% recyclable, in case you ever need to throw away your notebooks. (We hope you collect them.)

Designers put together their favorite finds from throughout our website to create showcase ready to be inspired.

Purdue OWL: MLA Formatting and Style Guide | Transgender Pregnancy: The Making of a New American - Time | Baby Blogs

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