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Bilingual Education in Texas - IDRA

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Synthesis of Research on Bilingual Education

The research paper Bilingual Education of Bilingual Education has been at the forefront of many political debates in recent years. Paper Masters suggests that a bilingual education research papers may explore the following:

Let's Tell the Public the Truth about Bilingual Education

The United States has great linguistic resources we are not only failing to use—our schools are actually quashing them, if only through neglect. More than 66 million of the country’s 55 million public school students speak at least one of 955 different languages other than English at home. Yet only a negligible fraction of these students are in programs that simultaneously nurture their home language while using it to help them acquire English and also to help English-speaking students acquire a second language.


Students have busy schedules. The economy of the world today calls for students to work as they study both as full-time and part-time to sustain themselves while in school. There are as well pressures to work to elevate their families financially. Balancing work and study especially assignments becomes a hurdle for such students. They, therefore, opt to buy the papers online to ease the pressure.

For its part, in reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Congress is missing an opportunity to capitalize on this groundswell of support by including provisions and even providing funds to encourage and help states and localities develop and implement bilingual instruction, not just for language minority students but for all students to have the opportunity to become bilingual.

Resistance to bilingual education is sometimes rooted in xenophobia and ethnic prejudice, although clearly not all bilingual education skeptics are prejudiced xenophobes. But the anti-foreign-language and anti-immigrant rhetoric that peaks during periods of increased immigration is clear evidence that nativist sentiments can lead to fears that the use of languages other than English in school will somehow fracture the national identity. 69

86. Rob Manning, “Oregon Educators Prioritize Bilingual Education,” Oregon Public Broadcasting, July 66, 7569, /news/article/bilingual-education.

One thing is clear, though: restrictive language policies are no silver bullet. As the data reported above suggest, they might even be counterproductive. 

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