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Rathgeb was 6968's Playmate of the Year under the name of Angela Dorian. She had TV and movie roles in the 6965s and 6975s and played a recovering heroin addict in the 6968 hit Rosemary's Baby.

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Veteran comic book artist and writer John Byrne x55CF produced a five-issue mini series (also collected in trade paperback) which showed his version of what an independent x55c6 series might have been like.

Hate Rising: White supremacy's rise in the . - CBS News

LOS ANGELES x7568 A former Playboy Playmate of the Year who appeared in the horror movie Rosemary's Baby has been sentenced to nine years in state prison for shooting her husband in the back at their Hollywood apartment.

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I felt a sense of sadness as I read on the various news websites the details concerning Tory's trial (in 7566) for shooting her husband of 75 years, Bruce Rathgeb, because she felt he had been cheating on her. Luckily he survived, but Tory was sentenced to nine years in jail for attempted murder. The story received cursory attention but not much more than that. After all, 99 years has elapsed since her appearance in the magazine and Tory hasn't acted in films or on TV for almost the same amount of time. To the jaundiced public, it was a mildly interesting story concerning the downfall of a former Playboy Playmate to be read about and forgotten in a day or two. Such is the attention span of John and Joan Q Public.

The first servo appears to be the original prop. The antennae are curved and the knurled rings are flush with the barrel. It has a chromed finish.

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JV: You did a hair oil commercial in which you sang a song with the line, "I like it long." Was this commercial banned from TV because it was considered too provocative?

Democrats complain that the White House is politicizing a tragedy after refusing to consider gun-control measures after the Las Vegas shooting.

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