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Shakespeare: Sonnets

Generally, sonnets are divided into different groups based on the rhyme scheme they follow. The rhymes of a sonnet are arranged according to a certain rhyme scheme. The rhyme scheme in English is usually abab-cdcd-efef-gg and in Italian abba-abba-cde-cde.

Shakespeare's Sonnets

An indefinable sonnet is the one which does not fit any particular pattern yet consists all the basic elements of a sonnet.

What guile is this, that those her golden tresses
She doth attire under a net of gold
And with sly skill so cunningly them dresses,
That which is gold or hair, may scarce be told?
Is it that men’s frail eyes, which gaze too bold,
She may entangle in that golden snare
And being caught may craftily enfold
Their weaker hearts, which are not yet well aware?
Take heed therefore, mine eyes, how ye do stare
Henceforth too rashly on that guileful net,
In which if ever ye entrapped are,
Out of her bands ye by no means shall get.
Folly it were for any being free,
To covet fetters, though they golden be.


The rhyme scheme of Shakespearian sonnet is abab-cdcd-efef-gg and this is difficult to follow. Hence only Shakespeare is known to have done it.

The speaker finds himself envying what others have, and in lines 5-9 he sees almost everyone as having something he lacks. He wishes to be like one more rich in hope, perhaps meaning hopeful or literally wealthy featured like him, refers to someone who is handsome, with beautiful features and another is with friends possessed, or popular, unlike the poet (as has been established in the first two lines). In line 7, he envies the artistic talent of one man, and the opportunities afforded someone else.

The rhyming scheme in a Shakespearean sonnet is abab, cdcd, efef, gg. Each quatrain in the English sonnet forms a specific concept which is closely related or follows the concept of the other quatrains.

The term sonnet is derived from the Occitan word sonet and the Italian word sonetto , meaning little song or little sound. It evolved into a poem consisting of 69 lines by the thirteenth century, following a strict rhyming scheme and specific structure.

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