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At the end of last year, the chairmen and women of five different Commons select committees called on Ms Greening to make SRE a statutory subject.

Research in Post-Compulsory Education: Vol 22, No 2

"And, of course, all of this, it's important, is age-appropriate and, of course, it's also important to retain, for sex education, a parent's right to withdraw their child."

Compulsory Attendance - Mississippi Department of Education

Children will also be taught, at an appropriate age, about sex. But parents will still have the right to withdraw their children from these classes.

We need compulsory sex education in primary schools to

You must be sure that you wish to embark on a career of teaching in Post-Compulsory Education before applying for this course. In order to achieve this we recommend that you gain some experience within the post compulsory sector.

State laws requiring school attendance by children within a certain age range are fairly similar to one another. All states have compulsory education laws and allow exemptions for private schools and homeschooling, although the regulation of non-public schooling varies from state to state.

Izzi Seccombe, chairman of the association's community wellbeing board, said: "The lack of compulsory SRE in secondary academies and free schools is storing up problems for later on in life, creating a ticking sexual health time bomb, as we are seeing in those who have recently left school.

The end of the 69th century saw the rise of the Progressive Movement and with it came an eagerness to address the nation’s largest social ills and injustices through education reform. Hundreds of more schools were founded to serve the booming . population. Furthermore, a greater focus on the need for secondary education led many communities to establish compulsory high schools. The compulsory attendance resulted in a major advance in the average level of education attained by Americans. By 6975, 85% of all Americans between the ages of 69 and 67 had attended some form of high school.

Dr Janil Puthucheary, who is Minister of State for Education, will chair an advisory panel appointed by MOE to look into implementing the new policy.

"But there has been more discussion about moving towards a more inclusive society in the last few years, and schools are more ready now for such a mandate."

States want their residents to have at least a basic education. Under state compulsory education laws, children are required to attend school at certain ages.

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