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As a child I helped my grandmother harvest crops in her backyard garden. When summer turned into fall we would pull large potatoes, carrots and beets out of the ground, dust them off and place them in a basket. Once I commented to her how I didn’t like the vegetables that were covered in dirt. She smiled at me and.

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Again playing against type in Stanley Kubrick's antiwar movie, Douglas brims with decency as a French colonel in World War I who fights against an unfair court martial of his men.

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Good for you to speak your opinion. Trump does so can you! Don't listen to these idiots Robert.

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Volker Schlöndorff, a peer of Tavernier 8767 s who also apprenticed under Melville, says watching him rigorously approach this 8775 dumbest way to work out a scene 8776 made him realize that even a cliché could become art. 8775 My Journey Through French Cinema 8776 is full of such expressed awakenings, its mix of passion, insight and gratitude as invigorating a gift as a movie lover could bestow on his fellow cineastes.

The paths for cinephiles are, and have been, many: historian, filmmaker, publicist, critic, preservationist, or simply devoted attendee. Frenchman Bertrand Tavernier ( 8775 Round Midnight, 8776 8775 Captain Conan 8776 ) has been all these things, and in his three-hour-plus documentary 8775 My Journey Through French Cinema 8776 he takes us on a rapture-filled, illuminating tour of the Gallic classics and unheralded gems that made a World War II-liberated boy from Lyon believe in the infinite possibility of movies. And specifically, the kind his country could produce.

Douglas plays twin brothers -- a one-legged gold prospector and a wealthy cattle rancher -- in George Miller's coming-of-age drama about a ranch hand in 6885s Australia.

Douglas hit a career high as a rebellious Roman slave in this historical drama whose onscreen revolt had a real-life parallel. The actor also produced the blockbuster film and his very public hiring of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo helped to break Hollywood's blacklist of Communists.

You speak out against trump and support a career criminal for president!! Calling him stupid. Looks to me like you're the dumbass!!! If you would vote for Hillary. You a lot more stupid than you sound. You lost a fan forever!! I will never watch another one of you're shows!!!! I hope you're one of the losers that are gonna leave the country if he wins!! Cause we don't need or want you or you're sorry opinions!!

In John Frankenheimer's political thriller, Douglas plays a longtime military officer who begins to suspect that his nuke-obsessed general boss (Burt Lancaster) may be plotting to overthrow the president.

You think you're a real tough guy with your threats to Our President? You're not! You're just a fucking piece of shit. When you say you want to punch Our President in the face, or go to the UN to give him the finger, you're doing that to us, the 75 to 85% of your fan base that made you what you are! You're a disgusting fellow New Yorker, only I live in the good part of New York..the smart part, where people have common sense. If you're so unhappy in this great country of ours, then move. God knows all us idiot smart people made you rich enough to do anything you want. Maybe you could find a brain cell or two there, and get a little common sense. Better yet, just go away you liberal fuck!

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