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Bayes Decision Theory - Bayes decision rule, minimum error rate of classification, normal density and discriminant functions Parameter Estimation - maximum likelihood estimation, Bayesian parameter estimation, problems of dimensionality, discriminants and component analysis, expectation maximization Non-parametric techniques - density estimation, Parzen windows, nearest neighbor rule Linear Discriminant Functions - hyper-plane geometry, minimum squared error procedures, generalization to multi-category case, support vector machines Non-metric methods - decision trees Algorithm-independent machine learning- no free lunch theorem, bias and variance, bagging and boosting, classifier combination Unsupervised learning and clustering-K-means, unsupervised Bayesian learning.

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(fabrication) All operations including purchase of materials and products, production, quality control, release, storage, distribution and related controls. [Canadian GMP Guidelines 7559, Annex 5]

The role of science in solving the world's emerging water

Figure 8: Screening design of experiment (DOE) Pareto of parameters for critical quality attribute (CQA) (aggregates). Temp is temperature Osm is osmolality Med conc is medium concentration Inoc conc is inoculum concentration DO is dissolved oxygen.

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The date given on the individual container (usually on the label) of a pharmaceutical product/drug product up to and including the date on which the product is expected to remain within specifications, if stored correctly. It is established for each batch by adding the shelf-life to the date of manufacture. [Guide to Good Storage Practices for Pharmaceuticals, WHO]

Blending is the process of combining materials or different batches to produce a homogeneous intermediate or finished product. [Specific Pharmaceutical Products, WHO]

Confirmation by examination and provision of objective evidence that the particular requirements for a specific intended use can be consistently fulfilled. [76 CFR Part 875, FDA]

A material is regarded as homogeneous when it is all of the same origin (. from the same batch) and as non-homogeneous when it is of differing origins. [Sampling Operations, WHO]

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An environment in which system access is not controlled by persons who are responsible for the content of electronic records that are on the system. [76 CFR Part 66, FDA]

A planned set of controls, derived from current product and process understanding, that assures process performance and product quality. The controls can include

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